Owning a business is expensive, so it makes sense that you want to protect your investment. Fire protection systems are one way to keep your property and tenants safe.

In addition to being required by law in many areas, fire protection systems can also save you money! The report “Fire Sprinklers Save Lives and Money: The Economics of Retrofit” by¬† Kenneth E. Isman, P.E. Vice President of Engineering of the National Fire Sprinkler Association, estimates that fire sprinklers can save an average commercial office building 46% in property insurance costs and 43% in costs for coverage of contents. Besides insurance savings, having an operational fire sprinkler system in place greatly reduces the repair and remediation costs in case of a fire event.

Are you interested in a fire sprinkler system for your property? Contact us to see what options are right for you. Our in-house NICET certified designers with BIM coordination experience, along with our Washington State licensed system installers, will work with you to protect what matters.